End of Year

With this year coming to a close, this blog may remain dormant for weeks that I am on vacation, and other blogs on my blogroll may become dormant as well. This blog may get a kick back in the beginning of my next school year in about 2 months.
I will miss 8 grade, more than any other year so far. The time I had most fun is when I was in the art room for the many periods working on my building. I always had to work on it, and try to explain what I did. My favorite subject was Social Studies. Social Studies were a class where I did things that would never happen otherwise. We had video conferences, blogs, and learned outside the classroom. We talked with others that I would never meet. The funniest moment that I experienced was that when we would hear many funny stories from all of our teachers making fun of each other.


Lockers do many things (some good or bad). This what I can think of:

1. Store things

2. Lock things

3. Prank (put someone in one)

4. All of the above (put someone in one, then lock them in there for 5 minutes)


I hear the word ‘hero’, I think of someone who help others. Not one who can breath fire or fly. If they did positive things to the community, they are a hero. If you did volunteer to help others, you are a hero.

Pie or Pi

Pie is a type of food that is good to most people. They have lots of [insert fruit name here]. They also have lots of [insert spice name here]. Common at historic related celebrations and when your hungry after the celebration.

Pi (π) is a long, long, long (did I say long?) decimal. It is not repeating or terminating. Yet somehow beyond the odds, people do memorize many of pi’s digits.

Washington DC Day 4

It started like the other days, and the day was nice, not like forecasted, but with our preplanned schedule, we look at the Museum of American History. We looked at all of the wars hat the U.s. fought in and the history of the presidents, transportation, and inventions. We then walked across the National Mall to the U.S. Forestry Museum, which didn’t have much. At the end of the day, we went to the Museum of Natural History to see the world’s biggest diamond and many butterflies.

Washington DC Day 3

I woke up at around 6 to go with the rush hour traffic into DC. At DC, we went into the capital, throwing away our water and food by the order of security, and toured around with a tour guide. We saw the rotunda, the old house and senate rooms. When the tour was over, we went into the museum, which was more the history of the Capital. We took an underground tunnel to the Library of Congress, which we went on another tour, which was an hour and a half long. There is more gold in the Library of Congress than in any other building in the U.S. We went to the Botanic Gardens afterwords.